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The Capacity Europe Spotlight Stage

The Capacity Europe Spotlight Stage


A deep dive into the topics you need to know about

From creating the ‘tech-co’ via network transformation to the changing state of finance, there are more areas than ever before for connectivity professionals to focus on.

That’s why Capacity Europe launched the Spotlight stage in 2023 – hosting dedicated spaces focusing on a specific issue affecting connectivity today. The Spotlight stages include panels, breakout sessions, and happy hours, enabling you to learn from experts in each area and network with people focusing on the same issues you are.

The Spotlight Stage returns in 2024 with a fresh focus on seven key areas - discover them below.

Speak on the Capacity Europe Spotlight Stage

Highlights from the Capacity Europe 2023 Spotlight Stage

In 2023, the Capacity Europe Spotlight Stage arrived with a bang, delivering business-boosting knowledge on a range of topics. Here are some highlights:

Network transformation: what not to do

Network transformation and NaaS is all about building one infrastructure that is dynamic, flexible, and programmable – and removing friction both internally and between companies.

But what should network providers not do in network transformation?

Discover the conclusions

Focus on CEE

Expert speakers from across the fast-growing Central and Eastern European markets shared insider knowledge about the potential of their regions - including exactly where the opportunities lie and how international players can integrate these markets into their continental and global business plans.

The changing face of subsea

The submarine cable market is undergoing profound change - rapid technology growth means upskilling is a huge challenge, and new hubs are jostling to emerge across the continent and beyond. Various subsea-focused sessions discussed new routes, new considerations, and new initiatives - even partnerships with national navies to protect against sabotage.

What the Spotlight Stage will cover in 2024

In 2024, the Capacity Europe Spotlight Stage will host high-level discussions on vital topics for European and global connectivity, including:

  • Data infrastructure
  • Digital transformation
  • Investment and finance
  • The European fibre landscape
  • Satellite and subsea connectivity
  • Network security and fraud prevention
  • Diversity, equity and inclusion in the connectivity industry