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Navigate Europe's Connectivity

Navigate Europe's Connectivity


European Connectivity: Country By Country

Connectivity markets in Europe are important, promising - and highly varied.

In Romania and Spain, among others, FTTP adoption is flying. But in Germany and the UK, issues related to market structure, right of way and other factors complicate rollout. Wireless developments, OpenRAN and more also vary from country by country. And market structures, government initiatives, talent pipelines and more have their own unique factors in each European market.

Capacity Europe is an event for the whole continent - so we have summarised everything you need to know about the connectivity markets of 39 European countries. In this free guide, published in April 2024, discover what drives each country's market, key stats such as FTTP adoption and average speeds, and much more - giving you the knowledge you need to plan your strategies.

Follow the link below to download your free, 35-page guide.

European Connectivity

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