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How to succeed at Capacity Europe: case studies

How to succeed at Capacity Europe: case studies


How Orange Wholesale announced itself to the world at Capacity Europe

In February 2023, Orange unveiled its Lead the Future strategy. The idea of the strategy was to generate value from the recognized excellence of its core business and to grow sustainably in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. 

Part of the plan involved monetising Orange assets on both the retail and wholesale side. This led to the creation of the Orange Wholesale brand - and part of the company's participation in Capacity Europe 2023 focused on pushing this new brand out to the world of connectivity and getting the key message to as many industry professionals as possible.



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An on-stage deep dive into the Orange Wholesale strategy

Orange Wholesale chose a Capacity TV interview format to get the message out about what the new brand offers in an engaging, informative and persuasive way. Speaking to Capacity reporter Jack Haddon, Orange Wholesale's CEO Michael Trabbia entered the Capacity TV studio to reveal the rationale for the new branding and what it means for Orange's customers.

"The logic is to move from retail-centricity to industry-centricity, where we invest taking into account the needs of all the industry" he said. "This is a paradigm shift that allows us to invest in more capacity and more terrestrial fibre - for example, we are looking at concrete projects for long-haul that we wouldn't have been able to look at before."

"As a telco, we have a lot to do to service our customers, and we need to bring the best infrastructure and networks to our customers. To be able to do that, to continue investing in infrastructure and networks, we need to monetise those assets. That's why we created Orange Wholesale, in order to monetise both on the retail and the wholesale side. This allows us to roll out fibre and to lay cables. It's really important for us to have the best infrastructure and the best network and to share them - this is good for the financial side and for the carbon footprint of the industry."

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