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Sabine Sitterli

Sabine Sitterli

VP Network Infrastructure EMEA, Akamai Technologies

As Vice President of Network Infrastructure for EMEA at Akamai Technologies, I drive strategic supply chain management, visionary business strategy, and fiscal efficiency. Together with my team, we prioritize fostering strong relationships with network service and data center providers to enhance the performance and resilience of Akamai's Connected Cloud Platform. Our proven track record includes rapidly expanding cloud infrastructure across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, setting new benchmarks for efficiency and scalability. This achievement, propelled by adept negotiation skills and operational excellence, optimizes costs while maximizing flexibility and adaptability.

Recognized on Capacity's 20 Women to Watch Power List in 2023 and Capacity’s Power 100 list in 2024, my dedication to innovation in the telecommunications sector remains steadfast. During pivotal moments like the Ukraine crisis and the Israel conflict, my team showcased resilience, ensuring contractor safety and seamless operations. These experiences highlight our commitment to empowering scalability and agility, making a tangible impact daily.

Our strategic data center and IP transit strategy ensures seamless scalability across Akamai's infrastructure, bolstered by redundancy measures to mitigate downtime. Amidst critical events such as the 2022 energy crisis and ongoing submarine cable breaks, our swift responses and proactive measures effectively mitigated disruptions, affirming our dedication to operational excellence and unwavering customer satisfaction.

Beyond my professional responsibilities, I actively contribute to Akamai's EMEA Operating Committee and serve as an Executive member of various program steering committees, focusing on Responsible Supply Chain initiatives and fostering Inclusion, Diversity, and Engagement. Leading Akamai’s Executive Women's Network, I champion gender diversity and empowerment, building upon my pioneering efforts with Akamai's Women's Forum in EMEA. I derive fulfillment from mentoring women both within and outside of Akamai. Outside of work, I skillfully balance my roles as a devoted working mother and loving wife.