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Marisa Trisolino

Marisa Trisolino

CEO, CMC Networks
Marisa Trisolino joined CMC Networks as CEO in July 2018.
Marisa had an extensive and successful career at AT&T prior to being headhunted by private equity, The Carlyle Group. She changed roles at least 10 times in her 21-year upward trajectory at AT&T.
Marisa was selected as part of the 2019 Top Twenty woman to watch in Tech, nominated by Capacity Media. She was also runner up for the Best CEO at Capacity’s Global Carrier Awards in October 2019.
In May 2020, 2021, and 2023 Capacity announced their annual “Power 100 Listing” where Marisa ranked part of this prestigious global index highlighting 100 of the most influential people in the wholesale carrier community. And in January 2022, Marisa was invited to join the Advisory Board of Layer123.
She is also a member of the GLF Board effective 2023, and Advisory Board for the GLF Accelerator Program. Marisa recently joined the MEF CAB (CEO Advisory Board) in June 2023. In April 2024, she was elected as Chair for the GLF DIB.
She strives to support Inclusion & Diversity and participated in the JA EUROPE Company Program, Leaders for a Day, and VLAJO (Flemish Young Entrepreneurs), encouraging and coaching young entrepreneurs, an activity she still currently pursues. During the last couple of years at AT&T, Marisa participated in the STEM for Woman program in Europe, and in the ENERGISE Campaign, Marymount London, encouraging young girls to progress their STEM vocation.
Marisa is currently based in Belgium. She commutes regularly between London, Mauritius, and Johannesburg to serve CMC Networks, headquartered in Johannesburg.