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Lu Heng

Lu Heng

CEO & Founder, LARUS

Based primarily in Hong Kong, Lu Heng is a pioneering entrepreneur and advocate for internet accessibility, renowned for his innovative approach to making internet connectivity more affordable and sustainable.

As CEO and founder of LARUS Limited, Lu Heng's strategic vision has led to the provision of over 10 million IP addresses to clients in more than 60 countries, effectively alleviating the strain on RIR systems and enabling a more interconnected global community.

Beyond LARUS, Lu established the LARUS Foundation to advance digital education and accessibility in developing countries, advocating for "One World, One Network." His work with the PTC Advisory Board promotes responsible governance and the transition to IPv6, ensuring a sustainable internet future.

Lu Heng champions the idea of a decentralized internet, where power and control are distributed across a wider spectrum of stakeholders rather than being concentrated in the hands of a few dominant players. He believes that by enabling every ISP to own their IP addresses, these entities can operate with greater autonomy and flexibility, fostering an environment that encourages innovation, competition, and sustainability.

By advocating for ISPs to have ownership of their IP addresses, Lu Heng envisions a more resilient and robust internet infrastructure. This would not only enable ISPs to manage their resources more efficiently but also reduce their dependency on centralized authorities.

Ultimately, Lu Heng's advocacy is about laying the groundwork for an internet that is more democratic, accessible, and capable of supporting the next generation. He calls for collaboration among global stakeholders to rethink and reshape the current paradigms of internet governance, ensuring that it remains a fertile ground for progress and innovation in the years to come.

Lu Heng studied at University of Groningen For International Economics And Business.