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Capacity Europe 2024

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Panel Discussion: Delivering joyful customer experiences through multichannel messaging services

16 Oct 2024
Spotlight Stage
Messaging & SMS
SMS is an effective and reliable form of communication, but devices and software have moved on and there is a real opportunity for a fresh approach to business messaging. Increasing demand for multichannel services, CPaaS offerings, RCS, and advanced APIs strongly implies that the future of text-based conversations will be more smart, analytics-driven and all-encompassing. This discussion will centre on the evolution of the messaging value chain; the new lease of life breathed into rich business messaging; the prospect of greater AI capabilities and strategies to pivot and adapt to a more customer-centric way of delivering messaging services.
Chanderhas Rana, Chief Business Development Officer - BANKAI GROUP
Tim Biddle, Director of Operations, Commercial Management - SINCH
Claudine Bell, Partner Business Manager - Messaging & Payments - Virgin Media O2
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