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Capacity Europe 2024

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Panel Discussion: Protecting customers through collaborative network security initiatives

16 Oct 2024
Keynote Stage
Network Security & Fraud Prevention

Network operators are facing increasing demand for value-added services beyond connectivity, of which security is a high priority for customers. Simultaneously, telcos are increasingly at high risk of cyberattacks due to the critical communications networks they operate, containing vast quantities of private information. Growing networks equate to more potential points of failure. This panel of experts will explore what it means for telcos to deliver security services vs cloud service providers; how to deliver effective DDoS mitigation bundled together with connectivity services, the risk of putting mission-critical workloads in public clouds, as well as the biggest threats to telco security in 2024, how to engage with ecosystem partners to promote security and the benefits of compliance with industry standards such as MEF LSO, TM Forum and CAMARA.

Max Roettgermann, Senior Product Manager - IP Transit & DDoS Defense - DEUTSCHE TELEKOM GLOBAL CARRIER
Maxie Reynolds, Founder - Subsea Cloud
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